Monday, August 27, 2007


Oh Southern New Mexico, so rainy, so cloudy, so woodsy 'n wet. "New Mexico?"
Yes! If you drive four hours in the scorching desert south of Albuquerque and climb a sandy dry mountain speckled with low 'bobble' bushes, then way at the top, you'll come to a little place named Cloudcroft! Not long ago, I packed the car up with canvas, paper, tubs of paint, water buckets & my bike, of course (which I never got to ride because I was in CLOUDcroft where it RAINS every afternoon). I spent a week there studying

with successful, generous and superby inspiring artist, Robert Burridge. Since I've been back ... all I want to do is paint! That just says it ALL about a teacher, doesn't it! A couple of nights ago I didn't even want to go to sleep because that meant too many hours before I could paint again! Lil Ms Artist has been revived! If you visit his site, consider signing up for his Artsy Fartsy Newsletter, 'tis fab!


treasuring said...

gorgeous!! i remember meeting you in my studio a couple years back... so glad you found my blog! i'll definitely check back in on yours, too-- your work is stunning. :) i love those little paintings and the wedding tree.

eugenia gina said...

so lovelyy.. I love looking at the painting, it's so rich of color, somehow it's make me think about brave, spontaneously style of drawing.. :)

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