Friday, February 22, 2008

Bubble, In Your Face

If I came face to face with this in a magazine, I'd be quite amused! It's an ad for Arcor Bubble gum. I like it! The other reason this caught my eye was that it was designed by Leo Burnett in Sao Paulo. Well, Sao Paulo happens to be the city in which I was born and grew up. I'll be posting some good photos of Sampa sometime soon, but for now, you can see a small photo on the side bar, on the right. Anyway, I figured Leo Burnett was a designer in SP, so I googled his name to find out more. Well, friends, Leo Burnett is a huge design company with branches all over our world. Maybe you already knew that. Not me though. So yes, the Arcor ad was more than likely designed by a, or a few, Brazilian designers in SP. Their main site is definitely worth checking out. The work really IS superbly creative. Plus, where else can you draw and surf elegantly at the same time? Make sure to find and click on the teeny red apples too!

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