Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is ...



As it is everyday. They're both all over the place!

in a bottle of sunscreen

as a seed pod

on a sidewalk

a smeared locker

even in a tree stump

although that one had to be pointed out to me ... twice! MyDar and I were walking someplace when of a sudden he pulled me back in order to stop and show me something. Something on the ground. I said, "What, a stump, it was once a tree" and attempted to keep walking! Really, I really said that. It was soon hilarious to me (& to him) as he looked at me in disbelief! Then I saw it, it was a HEART! One of those things I see and point out all the time! Here's to hoping your life today and everyday is filled with love, of the most fabulous variety to you. May you see and enjoy your life, as there is love and there are hearts all over this land and in our own and shared inner lands as well. Really! Tons of LOVE! Happy Love day.


Anonymous said...

All Is Full Of Love

Anonymous said...

juju said...

Oh, I <3 it! What a super Valentire!

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