Thursday, August 14, 2008


"Scarlet Butterfly"
This painting was titled by Bethany Sandvick, author of an awesome blog, "Nobody Listens to the Blonde", but we do, and you should, because she has really good things to say and she says, writes, them soo well!
I'm working on a post about a solar powered project I recently completed! In the meantime, here's a photo of a new painting. I'm finding the colors quite FAB! What do you think? I wish you could see these paintings I've been showing you in person, they're soo much more delightful and yummy!


Anonymous said...

This one looks like a drink I would name the "scarlet butterfly" I would mix gin and grenadine and berry flavored Kool-Aid. It would be served with sphere-shaped ice cubes. No straws. Only people who would happily wear a Kool-Aid mustache would be permitted to order it.

juju said...

Oh yes, quirky brilliance! I'll make the invitations! And, I think you just titled that piece. I'd love to officially title it "Scarlet Butterfly" and give you credit!

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