Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shroomin' Trip

In my hood lives a knowledgeable enthusiast. He knows all about mushrooms, including where to find what, when, and how. He has taken a few of us on mini field trips to collect them. Since I happened to be in the loop this summer, another neighbor asked me to let her know when the next trip would be. When the time came, this is how I let her know:I quite enjoyed this little invite, so I took a quick photo before delivering it under her wind shield wiper. Truthfully, I don't actually like mushrooms all that much, but it is such wonderfulness to sit in the grass, under massive trees, chatting quietly with friends, while scraping dirt off the spongy things, before plopping them into a canvas bag. And yes, I am talking about mushrooms of the sauteing variety!

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