Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meet Pink Miyata!

Pimi for short. Yup, today I traded my cycling shoes for flip flops, my jersey for a flowy top and took my helmet off. Yeah, I know, I'll put it back on. I didn't even wear sunscreen today, wild woman that I am! It was super cloudy.

You know what my favorite part of Pimi is? Well, after her frosty pink icecream color and her HK bell, and her coolest flashlight light, and her beautiful basket ... her kickstand. Kickstands are great. I don't need a pole or a tree, a building or a car or even a friend ... although friends are nice, so are trees. Anyway, I can stand her up just like that, in the air. I like having that option.

Riding around town is good. I seek out the quieter side streets and have to think about where I am and where I am going in a different way than when I am driving. I have to consider which side of the street I'm on, where it is that I am going and where it might be best to cross over. I also love that bicycling is powered by carrots and collard greens, or, well, as in my case today, cookies ; )


Anonymous said...

Hi Pink Miyata! I need to also name my bike.Today was my first day riding to work from Louisville. It took about 45 minutes and was so exhiliarating!
Maybe superredhotchilipepper or chilihuaga, or hmmmmm.... Cherie

juju said...

Commuting from Louisville is so WOW! I like the sound of Chilihuaga. It's fun to say!

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