Friday, September 21, 2007

El Fascinante

In the last couple of weeks, I met 3 people whose 2nd name is JOY. I've also been messin' about with some paintings, painting out negative shapes to create tree-like forms. This particular painting of a tree looked strange perhaps, but a tree to me none-the-less ... until a couple of days later when I happened to catch a glimpse of it and noticed it was a man with a pointy nose wearing a hat and a long robe like dress with a band around his waist! And he was doing some sort of magical entertaining! I was astounded. I couldn't have created him if I'd tried! Within a short time of that painting I found out that an acquaintance friend of mine is also a 'Fire Dancer'. Then, I happened upon a new friend whose band is named 'Juggler' and on his site he has lots of fabulous clown and circus themed art. Then I was invited by another friend to join her for dinner at her house. As it turns out, she's a professional clown, jester and magician! Elf too, I think. Yes, I was wondering what it all meant! In any case, Friday morning came along and I was excited to find out what IF's new theme was for the week. Wouldn't you know it was ... JUGGLER. I just had to smile and laugh. So here's my juggler-themed-contribution.PS. Even my tea bag this morning had something to say!


treasuring said...

love that painting! you should post more artwork on your blog-- i love seeing it, but always wish there was more!

the synchronicity in your life seems plentiful lately-- how inspiring and fun!

platinum blonde said...

love the colors & love that photo of the bike on your blog!!!

mike r baker said...

Beautiful painting! I adore it! Fun forms and wonderful colors. I love colors. :)

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