Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Blues, on Vacation!

The Blues, Visit The Beach

The Blues, Visit an Aquarium

The Blues, Visit Some Yaks

The Blues, Visit Magic Kingdom

Here's my version of 'The Blues' for IF's theme o' the week. I had a good time with these two! Looks like Visiting Magic Kingdom was their favorite. Can you see just how HAPPY they are?!


Eli Edmundson said...

This cracked me up! So thanks for that!

enigma said...

the opposite of 'blues'---i like that. :)

Dyah said...

Very funny interpretation of "blues"..great work..

Random York said...

Crazy and fun!


they can travel anywhere! cool! I wonder if they can travel through time too, nice work

imwithsully said...

What a fun idea! The Blues have a zest for life like no other Blues family!

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