Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are you seeing umm ...


All over the PLACES?

Some people are! Some people see hearts, some people see faces. What have YOU been seeing lately?

I found these on Flickr, a photo sharing site. It's where I house my PORTFOLIO too. You can visit more of these 'found peeps'. Aren't they great?! The watermelon came from here. The tree from here. The iron, (did you even know what that was?!), chair, grater and can came from here. And the mushroom, from here.

When I was perusing the many more photos at the sites linked above, I couldn't quite see the "face" in some of them right away. As I waited, the image seemed to become animated, from an object into a being, right before my very eyes! What a life!


steph_angel said...

Ooooh I do like that watermelon one... But then again I would wouldn't I ;-)

Nice article and flickr is absolutely littered with found face pictures.

A word of warning though... Once you start looking for them, you'll never stop and it can start to take over your life!!!

Anonymous said...

I love flickr and that you are able to link to it. How great. These are great photos. Thanks!

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