Friday, December 4, 2009


This GIVEAWAY is exclusively for Organic Pink Lady's FACEBOOK Fans; so all you have to do is become my FAN on Facebook and you'll automatically be entered into the drawing!

If you're already into FB, becoming my FAN is an easy way to keep in touch with my blog entries, new art in my portfolio, new art in my shop, contests, photos, projects (I've got lots of them in the works, some of which might involve YOU), giveaways, shows I might attend ETC. BEST of all though, you'll be able to meet and interact with other cool peeps!

Please invite your friends! The more, the merrier. Once you're on my PAGE you can do that easily by clicking on "suggest to friends" just under the profile picture. If you're not on FB, but you have a friend or acquaintance you know would love my art, and to be a part of this fun GIVEAWAY, please send them this link: It takes them to my FB page. Or you can use this link and send them to this entry.

Oh Right! Want to know what you might win? Visit my ART SHOP and start deciding! The winner could be YOU! You know, if you wanted to give the gift to someone else, you could do that. I'll even send it to them, if you'd like!

Feeling left out hey-no-fair-just-cuz-i'm-not-on-fb? No worries ... I'm going to have a giveaway for Newsletter Subscribers too. Yes, you can be on FB with me AND sign up for The Newsletter! Why not! More chances of winning that way! And you'll get different news and fun treats anyway!

So WHY am I just giving away art? Because I want to build my online community. Because I seriously want to give something to somebody. That's mostly why I make art in the first place, for you. And also because hey, December is my birthday month and I like December.

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