Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Are you afraid of framing?

No need. It can be super easy. The easiest option is to take your newly owned piece of art to a professional framer. Although more costly than buying a ready-made frame, most of them are framing artists and can help you decide on colors and sizes. I particularly like framing my pieces in oversized white or off white mats. I love how the extra space around the painting adds "breath" to the experience. It's all personal preference though.

For example, many I even like framing without a mat. I have several that are just floating in glass. You can also have your painting floating on a mat board without the window cut into it. The sweet thing about these "floating" options, in some cases, is that you get to see the ragged edges of the painting which is often charming, in my opinion.

Professionally framed pieces can really make the painting look stunning. If you love the piece of work, go for it! As long as the art is still the art, as opposed to the frame.

That said, I know that for some of us, having art professionally framed is not an option, as it is more costly than finding ready-made frames. Don't worry though, in no way does this mean your piece will look any less stunning! Some of my favorite pieces are framed in ready-made frames I found very inexpensively! If you're in the US, check places like: Michaels and Hobby Lobby (craft stores), Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, World Market (called Cost Plus in some places), Pier I, Ikea, and Pottery Barn.

Also, have you heard of do-it-yourself frame shops? I've not personally framed anything this way but it sounds like a fabulous idea. They're frame shops where you pick out your frame and style, are shown the ropes, and then use their materials to frame the piece yourself. I understand framing this way is more affordable than having a professional framer do the job, yet you're free to have mats and frames cut to your particular creative dimensions. This may be great in cases when you can't afford to have a piece professionally framed, but your painting is an odd size and doesn't fit in any of the ready-made frames or the styles you see out there just don't work for you.

Check out the possibilities! Framing need not be what prevents you from owning art, originals on paper or prints. Have fun!

PS. I get no kick-backs from linking to the stores. The links are just there to inspire you with your framing <3


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Sarah said...

Neat! Small prints oftentimes tend to look better and deliver the best impact when mounted on oversized matboards .

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