Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well, it's the day after ...

All in all, participating in my first Cherry Creek Arts Festival was a GREAT experience. I loved talking with everyone who came to my booth. I think that was one of my favorite parts of the Festival, along with selling my pieces, of course. It felt wonderful to have people love them enough to want to take them home with them. My work is certainly made to be owned by people other than myself.

I received so much overwhelmingly positive feedback. I think I must have said "Thank You" at least three hundred thousand times! I especially loved the kids, who made beelines for my booth, and spent time intently looking and looking. Almost all of them made wonderfully insightful and even profound comments. One little guy even sat down in the chair next to me for a chat. They were absolutely certain about which were their favorites and even why.

I thought I'd sleep for a week after the weeks and weeks (and weeks) of preparing for this show and after the days and nights (and nights) in a row of not sleeping, filled with working and working (and working), but I'm already up and researching where to take my work next. I have a HUGE body of work. I didn't really realize just how much I had until I took most it to the show and began hanging. I could have many shows! That's what happens when a couple of years ago I made a commitment to painting everyday it is possible :)



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juju said...

Obrigada :)

Eliane Mello said...

Ju, fiquei muito feliz em ver a artista em que vc se transformou! Parabéns!!
Eliane Mello

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