Monday, August 2, 2010

What's Your Sentence?

Besides the happy fact that the author's last name is PINK,
this is one of my favorite videos. I love the first question:

What is your Sentence?

What are you about? What is your life about? What is it you're creating of yourself? It's a worthwhile question. I've watched this video several times and each time I come closer to understanding what the question is and as a result closer to understanding what my sentence is. I feel an excitement, a scintillation, shimmer through my body as I allow the veils to fall and myself to become more clear. How about you? What's your sentence?

And then there is the second question:

Was I better today than yesterday?

It's like working from the end; It's like envisioning your success and then filling it in with the daily life that creates the fulfillment of the goal you've set for this lifetime. I think we know what we want to experience in our time here on earth, our sentences have always driven our journeys, yet asking ourselves to consciously remember and state them to ourselves and/or others, may help us stay on course.



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