Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's never too late to send Festive Greetings!

Oooo I've been busy stocking my little online shop with lots of cards recently.
There are 12 "Festive Trees", printed as "posting cards", from a collection of 36.

I may have a few more printed, we'll see.

Do you know what "posting cards" are? I think I made the term up.
Essentially, they're part postcard, as in you write on the reverse side,
yet they're part greeting card, in that you send them in envelopes.

They're sort of like prints too. Special.

You could even give one, or an assorted set, as a lovely gift.

I listed 3 sets of 4 different cards. Most of them you can get individually too.
If you'd like a particular design/number, I'm happy to accommodate pretty much any request.

In fact, if you'd like regular folding cards instead of "posting cards", well, no problem,
they're absolutely sweet as folded cards too.

There are lots of other goodies in my Etsy Shop. Come visit :)

Happy December, friends. I love December.


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