Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pencil Sculpture

Some of us passed notes and doodled on every scrap of paper while in school,
some of us carved pencils. Look at what Dalton Ghetti can do now!

Pretty impressive!

AND I was pleasantly surprised to read that he's originally from Brasil. He even has words of wisdom about how a change of attitude helped him successfully complete more pieces. I'll have to sit with his idea and apply it to some of my projects and "intentions".

The picture above is of one single pencil, peeps. Isn't it amazing.

Last year I wrote about Willard Wigan. His work is definitely worth another look this year. The original video posted is no longer available, but if you click on his name in that post, you'll be linked to a few videos on his site. I've watched them all at least a couple of times. Wow. It makes it ever more clear to me that no matter what we do, as children or adults, we ought to be encouraged and given lots of room and space in which to follow our passion. It's clear that the experiences and lessons gained are profound, worthy, and many.

I can't wait to see Dalton Ghetti's long 10 year piece complete.
I'm sure it'll be memorable.

PS. Thank you to my friend Karen Symons for first posting about this artist :)


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