Monday, September 6, 2010

Feeling Like a Total Rock Star

Project 2

A Drawstring Pouch.

The top blue fabric used to be pants.
It's amazing how perfectly the color matches the blue in the print fabric.

See, you can carry your drawing pad and markers in it :)

Project 3

A Tote Bag.

I managed to line it. Not entirely sure how I did that but it worked!

So pretty, isn't it.

(See Project 1)



emily b said...

Hey classmate!
I LOVE how your tote bag turned out. The fabric is fantastic.
Keep it up!

Juliette Nelson said...

Thank you for your encouragement emily b <3 You're the BEST :)

Karen said...

I especially love your tote bag.

Kellie said...

i love the fabric you used for your tote bag!! so pretty!

Juliette Nelson said...

Thank you, Karen and Kellie!

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